Do you Travel?

We are currently stationed in the Appalachian mountains, with roots planted along the Gulf Coast, the Canadian North, and the Dutch North Sea. So, yes, we are definitely down for travel.

How long have you been doing this?

Rowan's photography journey began in 2016, and Christiaan's began in 2013. That passion for photography found itself in bird photography, stock photography, and portrait photography for a few years. Rowan began interning and second shooting for a wedding photographer from 2019-2020, which kickstarted her into her own career. Both Christiaan and Rowan began DEWITCO. in the fall of 2020.

How do we get our photos?

You will be contacted with a digital gallery link as soon as your gallery is finished.

How do we book you?

1. Scroll to the top of this page.
2. Hover over the "Contact" icon.
3. Choose your session type and fill out the inquiry form for the appropriate session type.
4. Fill out that form and look out for an email to finalize booking.

Can you help us with wedding planning?

In some ways, yes! We can give advice and tips on timeline for pre-wedding planning, and we can help plan a day-of-wedding timeline.

how does pricing work?

For all of our sessions, we have a variety of package options. We do also offer custom package pricing. Just reach out to us and ask about custom pricing!